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About Writing Ideas

We extend a warm welcome to all the write-minded folks, readers and writers. We sincerely hope you have a good time while you are here. We are engaging in this mainly to fulfil our creative, entrepreneurial and to some extent - technological aspirations.

To begin with, all content posted here shall ab-initio be free for all to use. We plan to periodically post some of our own ideas for stories, poetry etc. We are not apprehensive about these being used by anyone commercially with/ without due credit to us, but rather are hopeful that they will be. The main motive behind this is to see them being developed to the potential they are expected to be, irrespective of who gets the ultimate credit.

If you the visitor get into the spirit and wish to share some of your own creations either as response to original content or independent ideas you will have to agree to this ONLY condition that EVERYTHING posted here shall always be FREE for ANYONE to use. It IS NOT mandatory for all users to register, and anonymous feedback subject to Admin approval is welcome. Should you wish to post your content without registering with us, it can be sent by e-mail to us and can be published after deliberations and on mutual consent.

We wish this to be a place to park your literary ideas, which any visitor may wish to drive out with- with your blessings. Anyone can pick ideas from here and take them elsewhere for further commercial/other use of their choice. Not unlike WIKI / LINUX/ FLOSS movements, this website seeks to position itself as a repository for creative ideas in a non-competitive / collaborative spirit for whoever makes the best use of content posted.

Sounds unrealistic ? May be, we shall see – please wish us luck !