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DAMAGE Came Visiting

When DAMAGE came visiting I had my
Whiskey ready, and said I have the measure
of not only you, but your father HISTORY and
your grandfather, TRUTH! Each drop of this
Gold can just permeate and wand this
Ringed Gold Plate around me and you
BAD ANGELS will retreat, be gone, poof!

You think we are that easy? DAMAGE asked and
laughed hideously. No, I said, I am aware there
is work involved. I sip; I raise my head, hold it
high, stare at the sky and refuse to countenance
you, thus! See?

Upon meeting my RESOLVE, DAMAGE was crestfallen,
HISTORY disappeared, TRUTH scurried out of the field

The whiskey was worth
every penny!

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  • Posted By : Milind Padki

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