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Being Is Peace

Being Is Peace:

Peace the ultimate thing to be gained. Every effort discussions action decisions etc are actually for one thing and that is peace or real happiness. Let us first define this concept Peace. It may be defined as a state of mind where thoughts are not experienced. It may be defined as leaving in harmony with surrounding nature and also the nature of person itself. It may be defined as stillness experienced within mind. Since Mind itself is bundle of thoughts it may also be defined as absence of mind, and presence of consciousness alone. It may be defined as absence of any type of conflicts. It may be defined as something which is pure so much that no definitions are actually possible for it. It may be defined as a state where there is not a single stress of want of any kind, and so on…
Now let us consider the present status of so many around us, students, teachers, businesspersons, politicians, workers and others. What we find when we look in to mind. We observe fear of loss, uncertainties of all kinds, tensions, misery, anxiety, confusions, memories of hurt, phobia, etc. It is true that a person did not see all the above possibility at one time but normally the state of mind is some combinations of such possibilities.
Most dangerous thing is that it is consider to be normal, practical, Unavoidable, and sometimes even useful. It is considered to be inseparable part of life. Life which is supposed to be most important thing is also considered very superficially as a series of events experienced by partially aware mind. This article will discuss the cause of disturbance, its nature, possible solutions for abiding in perpetual peace, possible difficulties projected by mind in remaining at peace.
Cause of No Peace:
As soon as a person gets some sort of freedom of doing things or forced by conditions to do things for oneself, it sets goals, different kinds of goals, with different time limits. These goals are derived from some imaginations, observations on fellow persons, some readings, and observations of immediate surroundings. Well what is current status, the imagined goals are yet to accomplish, and naturally the person is restless physically, emotionally, etc. The person immediately focuses its attention on attributes of nature and set goals, the possible problems to be overcome and so on. These accomplishments by very nature depends on other persons, living beings, type of society, personal, intellectual, financial abilities of person and so on. This process brings so many changes in the surroundings, beneficial for some persons and harmful and disturbing for many others. Decision making often become very important facet at this juncture, that is to say achieving the goals at what cost? The process itself become very disturbing and brings fatigue to a person. But at the end it definitely enjoys the fruit of its action if the person succeeds in achieving goals, person experiences joy, the joy of achievement.
Is this is the end? Or is just the beginning of something new to be achieved. Of course now something still missing and person again start digging new goals. Is there any end of the cycles of finding new goals, efforts in there fulfillment and at the end experiencing partial and temporary joy?
The possible process may be like this firstly a person comes in contact with society, friends, literature, or some successful peoples in some area of its interest. After successive impulses the desire to achieve similar or preferably even higher arose in him or her. The present status naturally is different so a person feels the force of changing the present scenario, and in a course experiences inertia form surrounding. The disturbance slowly creeps in ones life and considers itself to be the need of life. The entire attention gets focused on the troubles coming in the way of achieving goals. By this time a person already lost its natural state of peace. Most of energy gets utilized in analyzing and changing the chain of events and waiting of the favorable results.
The results gained are found to be affected by time. There always a great change in all types of conditions like social, political, financial etc.. and in this context the achieved goals are found to be insufficient, and sometimes irrelevant also. The person is forced to design its life newly with modified techniques and objectives and again the same process begins, with more complications.
Is it possible that person find something after which there is no more finding, searching? Is it really necessary that joy, peace, fulfillment is based on gaining something new?

Possible solution:
It is important to decide first the purpose of life and at the same time life should be distinguished separately from life situations or chain of events in life. After careful analysis one can conclude that actions of any kind in any type of events are actually made for happiness which is peace itself.
In real peace of stillness there are no thought patterns present. So effort may be made in stopping thought patterns which are sensed by mind or our consciousness regularly without any control. But how is it possible? Physical signals like sound, light, temperature can be controlled or even stopped by closing relevant sensory organs. But thought patterns cannot be controlled in similar fashion.
Perceptions of thoughts can be controlled by giving complete attention on perceiver. Since entire attention is on oneself thoughts cannot be perceived and utter calmness can be experienced. But even this perceived calmness also should not analyze as it again triggers the chain of thought pattern.
However after such temporary spell of calmness, inner uneasiness and uncontrolled chain of thoughts continues to remain with person, and as a result person gets forced to take suitable actions in that direction. Thus it is important to analyze the reason of thoughts.
Desires are the root cause of all thought patterns and related actions. More desires leads to more and more complicated thought pattern and hence related actions.
Desires flourishes in mind because of the belief that by satisfying these desires only, one can gain peace. But the observation is that the pleasure experienced is only temporarily and gets fed up with time. Whatever is the nature of achievement it last only for some time. Sense of pleasure also is not continuous in fact nothing is continuous. Thoughts of pleasure or sensations of pleasure are all discrete. One wave after the other, and there is definite gap between any two thoughts or wave of pleasure or even pain. There is deep stillness or peace between any two thoughts or sensations, in fact this stillness always present even during thoughts. If one focuses its attention on it totally peace regains. It takes possession of your consciousness. In this stillness there is clarity, easiness, in fact it is not possible to describe it as descriptions are no longer required. The state (so to say) is so complete by itself.
Peace is not state of mind, it always present, in fact it is oneself, its real nature, which is always aware of itself. This concludes that elimination of desires alone establishes peace in oneself.
Difficulties in following Peace:
If we consider desires to be the root cause of absence of peace and it is essential to put end to desire then many questions arises regarding living of worldly life. Without desires how one is to lead worldly life? Present practical life demands so many complications from person like money, status, suitable relations, home, job or business etc. whole energy and attention is required in fulfilling the basic requirements then how one can go on eliminating desires and focusing attention on one self. Will not a person become looser in life? The threat of this feeling is so much that a person is ready to compromise Peace. Person is ready to do all activities which leads to chaos and claim that these activities will lead to peace in distant future. Jumping for complete peace is hence considered to be fatal and impractical.
All these difficulties are projected by mind with many beliefs, experiences. But if we break these chains of thought by giving total attention on one self, the entity which sees those thoughts, and not on thoughts, then peace creeps in and felt not as something external new thing but as ever present existence which was there always and still found to be ever fresh and new. In this stillness the need of starting thoughts or urge to gain something ends. There is no need to aspire anything new as a reason for happiness is found as our self our existence itself. Irrespective of nature of achievements, sense of completeness and clarity can be felt and soon it becomes our very nature.
Is it then we looses life so to say worldly life? Is it that we then cannot perform any action? Is it then we could not able to take any decisions?
In fact the events, changing situations are more visible in its natural form and not in mind projected form. Person is not govern by prejudices and past experiences of hurt or pleasure, but could be able to analyze situations as they are.
Decisions and actions are govern in harmony with what is, and not with mind projected situations or persons from past and future. Due to lack of desires person is no longer attached to output of every action but at the same time performing every action with precision and care as there are no distracting thoughts of self pride or self pity or imaginary hurdles or even so called real hurdles. Since the person is in pure awareness its action are most accurate and purposeful.
Most important part is that life is no longer appears to be made of parts. The depth of stillness that is remaining as one self that is remaining at peace reaches to such extent that person remain as Peace. Such one considers oneself not as human being but only being with no more findings.
1) One needs to root out all desires as they are claimed by unaware mind or partially aware mind. Peace or bliss is always present without any gaining or loosing of objects or relations or status. Objects of desire or goal to be fulfilled changes with time and found to irrelevant with course of time but the peace, joy experienced in introversion is same always, as it is experienced only when you found yourself as never changing existence, always present not in distant future as this or that but as our self without any second thought.
2) One needs to focus attention on one self on the perceiver of thoughts and not on thoughts. If there is any type of stress it simply indicate that attention is there on something else and not one self, for existence is always there and not to be gained separately. Our being itself is peace, ever present……!

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