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Hello World !

We will start off with what IS NOT :

Firstly, this IS NOT a DISCLAIMER - rather an attempt to explore what the user of this site needs to accept and what he can expect.

Also, this IS NOT a place for people having COPYRIGHT on their mind. While we respect intellectual property rights of all kinds, we the promoters shall claim no copyright on our own ideas posted here and the content shall be free-for-use and possibly some of it ready-for-use.

If any user gets into the spirit and wishes to share some of his own creations either as response to original content or independent ideas, he/she will have to agree to this ONLY condition that EVERYTHING posted here shall always be FREE for ANYONE to use . We wish this to be a place to park your literary ideas, which any visitor may wish to drive out with- with your blessings. Anyone can pick ideas from here and take them elsewhere for further commercial/other use of their choice. Not unlike WIKI / LINUX/ FLOSS movements, this website seeks to position itself as a repository for creative ideas in a non-competitive / collaborative spirit for whoever makes the best use of content posted.

However, we make no warranty with respect to ideas or other information available on site and assume no legal liability or responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any such ideas or information for any purpose, and do not represent that its use would not infringe privately owned rights.

Lastly, we wish to make no representation about the legality of our position on copyright of outsiders' posts here that all content posted here shall ab-initio be free for all. Any user, who wishes to share any ideas on this site is hereby ADVISED NOT TO USE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL, without permission from concerned person.

We urge you to obtain legal counsel of your own before contributing, since we assume NO RESPONSIBILITY/LIABILITY on that count, having given due notice to all users of our intentions. Users will indemnify us for any losses, claims, expenses, costs incurred or asserted against us for use of unauthorized ideas/ material.

It IS NOT mandatory for all users to register, and anonymous feedback subject to Admin approval is welcome. Should you wish to post your content without registering with us, it can be sent by e-mail to us and can be published after deliberations and on mutual consent.